Top 5 online fashion shopping sites to shop 'til you drop - from the comfort of your own home

Anybody who knows their credit card numbers by heart probably already knows the joys of shopping online.

According to Hitwise Australia, 5.87 per cent of all internet visits since July 2007 were people shopping online. That might seem like a small slice, but the internet pie has grown exponentially during that period. Online shopping has also had to compete with internet titans like Gangnam style, Susan Boyle (remember her?) and the seemingly endless supply of cat videos.

If you want to do your bit to help e-commerce claim a bigger share of the action, check out these must visit virtual shopping destinations…


Asos has arguably been more successful in world domination than bird flu or mad cow disease combined.

Boasting over 850 brands for men and women, the British fashion retailer brings the latest trends, classic styles and the outright wacky to your fingertips whether you live in Melbourne or Moscow. Then, it delivers your goods to your doorstep completely free of charge.


After Harry Potter, David Beckham and Yorkshire pudding, is one of the most successful British exports of recent years.

Fashionistas love it for its up-to-date clothing trends and extensive range of accessories. With such a variety of products, you can virtually buy your entire wardrobe online.

David Jones

The David Jones online shopping store is like caffeine – you will become addicted, you will develop favourites and it will keep you up half the night.

This store is where clothes go after they've spent their time on the catwalk, and where shoppers go to truly indulge in something of a spending spree on their laptops and PCs – all with a mug of coffee in hand, of course.


With the infectious TV jingle playing in your head, you'll find yourself browsing the online store at Myer adding "My" to all your purchases as you pop them in your cart.

Like David Jones, Myer has invested heavily to ward off foreign websites that wooing away its customers. It now offers a modern online shopping experience with a variety of goods from practical appliances to useful homewares. But the fashion department is where you'll find the real max-out-your-credit-card treasures.


Imagine a mall with all its retail splendours and endless outfit possibilities – then picture the experience without the bunking school children and gaggles of lost tourists clogging up the walkways and escalators.

That, in a nutshell, is Westfield's online offering. Plus, shopping on this site offers double the retail joy with the bonus of Velocity rewards giving you two points for every dollar you spend with your rewards credit card.

A note on online security

When you're shopping online, it's important to remember that not all payment systems are created equal.

Look out for the lock symbol in your browser, double check the URL to make sure it starts with https:// and try to stick to trusted merchant websites. If you're unsure, run a quick online search of the outlet to see if they have had problems in the past.

Keep safe online and enjoy the experience of letting the online stores do all the hard work instead of making your way around the shops in person. Then kick back, relax, and wait for the package to turn up in the mail!

What's your favourite shopping website?