Celebrity baby names

Baby names: Protective, nurturing or disastrous?

Australian’s introduced more than 300,000 new babies to the world in 2013. That’s a whole lot of life, and a whole lot of time spent coming up with names.

To tell the Johns from the Janes, Aussie parents picked all manner of monikers. Over 30,000 babies received a top 10 most popular baby name, resulting in more than 2,000 Olivers and almost
2,000 Charlottes.

Top 10 baby names for boys Top 10 baby names for girls
1. Oliver 1. Charlotte
2. William 2. Olivia
3. Jack 3. Ava
4. Noah 4. Emily
5. Jackson / Jaxon 5. Mia
6. James 6. Amelia
7. Thomas 7. Ruby
8. Ethan 8. Sophia / Sofia
9. Lucas 9. Chloe
10. Cooper 10. Sophie

The year saw some new names enter the top 100 for the first time as well, included among them Nevaeh, Felix, Indigo and Jett.

Although being popular doesn’t mean a name is universally liked. Sabrina Rogers-Anderson of Kidspot puts the name Neveah in 5th place.

Of the best bogan names, that is.

But hey, it could be worse, you could have tried to pin have one of these banned baby names on your unsuspecting child.

Can a name protect and nurture?

There seems to be a link between baby names and gender stereotypes – the strong, protective man versus gentle, nurturing woman.

McCrindle’s research noted 95% of the top 20 girls names finished in soft vowel sound, while 90% of the top 20 boys names ended in the sharper, harder consonant. That’s Jack versus Ava, or Cooper versus Chloe.

And it’s not just sounds that differs between the sexes – length also plays a role – “parents are increasingly choosing longer, flowing names for their daughters and shorter, solid-sounding names for their sons.”

Can a name spell disaster?

Would you give your child a name that increases their chances of committing a crime?

Research from Shippensburg University found that more unpopular names are more likely to end up in juvenile detention. For instance, “a 10% increase in the popularity of a name decreases the number of juvenile delinquents by 3.7%.”

Is there safety in numbers for our Oliver’s and Charlotte’s?

Do the celebs know what they’re doing?

When you think of weird baby names, it’s usually Apple, Pilot Inspektor, Rumour, or of course, North West.

You’d think with the world watching, celebs would opt for something a little less controversial, and perhaps expect some great life outcomes for those kids.

But if anything, they’re only getting weirder. The names, and the celebs.

There are other articles on whether your name could influence your life, though none of them conclude that a name alone leads to better or worse life outcomes.

What do you think – can a babies name be protective, nurturing or disastrous?

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