How to erase a purchase with your Virgin Money Points

It’s not how shopping usually works, but with our purchase eraser it is.

Alikazam, alikazee, you just paid for it but now it’s free! Ok, it’s not quite magic, but it feels like it. With our purchase eraser, we help you harness the power of your points and it’s like that purchase never happened.

What is a purchase eraser?

Our purchase eraser is your clean slate. For any purchase you’ve made, you can swap the value of what you’ve bought for points to get cash back into your account instantly. Money back, purchase erased, moving on like it didn’t happen. 

How does it work?

Using your purchase eraser is easy. In the Virgin Money app, simply review your transactions, hit the purchase eraser toggle and select a purchase you want to erase. Then, make sure you have enough points in your account, hit confirm and voila, we’ll credit the purchase back into your account instantly.

Your original purchase will still appear in your account, but you’ll also see an erased purchase for the same amount to help you keep track.

Can you just delete the transaction out of my account?

Aha, nice try. It’s important to keep track of what you spend money on, even if you get the money back for it. The purchase eraser is a clever little tool to help you spend responsibly, not just to feel tricky.

What can I use it for?

The beauty of the purchase eraser is that the choice is yours – you can use it for whatever you’ve purchased. It can be little, like that cheeky coffee you had after trying to BYO this week. Or it can be big, like those new pair of shoes you technically didn’t need, but you wanted them so. Or even something new, like that art class you wanted to try but it isn’t in your budget yet. As long as you’ve got the points to cover the cost of the purchase and it has already settled, you can erase anything you want.

Sounds great, when can I use it?

If you have a Virgin Money Go Transaction Account, you can use it straight away - you’ll just need some points to get you started. Check out our top tips for 7 ways to boost your balance to 20,000 points. Now you’re ready to make the magic happen.

Redeem your points with our purchase eraser and it’s like it never happened. That’s money magic.


Things you need to know:

Purchase Eraser is available for eligible transactions made within the last 90 days. You must have sufficient points to be able to redeem the total value of the purchase through Purchase Eraser. If you redeem your points with Purchase Eraser we will use your points to credit a cash amount equal to the selected transaction into your Virgin Money Go Account. Once the funds have been credited to an account they cannot be reversed to points.