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Not paying with points? Here’s why you’re missing out

Rewards. We love ‘em, right? And there’s nothing quite so rewarding as using your Virgin Money Points to pay for something you really want. Except, that is, using them to pay for something you’ve already paid for. With our Pay with points feature in the Virgin Money app (previously known as Purchase Eraser) you can use your points balance to pay for an item you’ve already bought – and poof! The cash value will be credited back to your preferred account1. That’s more than rewarding, that’s points magic.

Here are three reasons why Pay with points is the premium way to be rewarded.

1. Get cash back in a flash

Using cash for your everyday spending is so 2010s. Why burn a hole in your wallet when you have a tidy stack of points with your name on it? Instead, get cash back by using your points to cover a purchase you’ve already made. It’s like the CTRL Z of spending.

2. It’s as easy as…

ABC. It’s so easy to use the app to Pay with points and reverse your cash purchase, the hardest part will be choosing what to pay for. But we even make that easy. To find your transactions and how many points you need to pay for them, simply open the app, click on your account and select ‘Pay with points’ mode.

3. Treat yo’self

That 4am pizza order? That Black Friday buy? That extra coffee? Purchasium expelator! Put a big line through those purchases like they never happened.

And the best part? We won’t keep you waiting. We’ll credit the price of the purchase back into your account immediately. So you can put it straight into your savings, or treat yo’self – all thanks to points!

Here are some examples of how you could use Pay with points2:

  • $4.50 Coffee - $1,000 points
  • Monthly Netflix subscription - $10.99 – 2,334 points
  • Take-away Thai night - $50 - 11,112 points


Ready to make those purchases disappear? Simply open the Virgin Money app, toggle to switch into the Pay with points mode to get started.

Need more points to get you started? Click here to see how easy it is to boost your points balance today.


Important information

1.      The purchases available for Pay with points are Eligible Transactions you made within the last 90 days. The full list of Eligible Transactions can be found in the Virgin Money Terms and Conditions (hyperlink to You must have sufficient points to be able to redeem the purchase through Pay with points.  If you redeem your points with Pay with points we will credit a cash amount equal to the selected transaction into the Virgin Money Go Account or Virgin Money credit card account that was used to make the original purchase. Once we credit the amount you cannot reverse that redemption. Pay with points is not available to Additional Cardholders of Virgin Money credit cards.

2.      Examples shown are as at 2/06/2022. Actual points amount will be shown at time of redemption within the app.