Coffee in blue mug next to scattered coffee beans and fruit

What your coffee order says about you

No matter how you like your brew, we can all agree: Coffee. Is. Life. So in honour of International Coffee Day (hooray) we’ve teamed up with our partner Jamaica Blue to celebrate! Keep an eye on your inbox for a special Jamaica Blue free coffee voucher from us!1

Now the question is, what does your regular order say about you?


You don’t have to actually verbalise your coffee order because you're greeted with “just the usual then?” and you love it. No fuss, no muss, just a cup of something delicious to start your (every) day off right.

Long Black (with a dash thanks) 

You're busy, on the go, from here to there and anywhere, and need that coffee fix ASAP. The dash of milk helps to speed up the process and you love the way just-a-long-black-with-a-dash-thanks sounds when you say it out loud.

Batch Brew

The true coffee enthusiast. You know the barista by name – heck you're probably one yourself, and know the tasting notes by heart (because, yes, coffee tasting notes are a thing). 

Iced Mocha 

You don't want to admit it, but coffee straight up is just a bit much. But you're in too deep now to turn back so you boost (who said hide?) that coffee flavour with some chocolatey goodness. Initially you were embarrassed by your regular order, but now you wear your choice with pride and sip and swirl to your heart's content. 

Flat White (extra hot) 

You like your coffee like lava and you don't mind flirting with danger to get it. You pretend not to notice the barista's gently raised eyebrow (yes, you know about the milk) because you probably won't get to drink said coffee until the temperature has returned to normal anyway.

1. Offer is available from Friday 1st October 2021 and expires at midnight on Tuesday 30th November 2021. Available at all participating Jamaica Blue Cafés in Australia. Offer is for a small size hot beverage from the Jamaica Blue standard menu and limited to one beverage per person, per unique code. Substitutes, upsizes and syrups will be at an additional cost. Offer cannot be exchanged for any other goods and/or services or redeemed for cash.