5 shopping apps to help you save while you spend

These days it seems like there’s a smartphone app for just about everything, from sending pictures to your mates, to keeping up with the cricket and even checking the weather forecast.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that could help make shopping easier as well? Guess what – there is! In fact, there are hundreds of awesome apps designed to streamline the shopping process.

Here are our 5 favourite apps for helping Aussies save time and money

Out of Milk – Available for iPhone and Android

Have you ever gone to the supermarket without your grocery list and found yourself trolling the aisles trying to remember what you needed for dinner? Well that problem can be a thing of the past with Out of Milk.

This app allows you to create and store shopping lists, which you can then easily check off once you’re in-store. You can also use Out of Milk to scan barcodes on commonly-used products to automatically add them to your list.

Shop Ethical! – Available for iPhone and Android

If you’re the type of shopper who likes to consider the environmental and social credentials of the companies you buy from, this app is for you.

Shop Ethical! contains information on over 4,000 products, and is designed to help consumers think twice about the sort of business practices they support with their money. This app is a great download if you want to be able to shop with a clear conscience.

ACCC Shopper – Available for iPhone and Android

How well do you know your rights as a consumer? Well, now you can carry a comprehensive guide to your refund, warranty and lay-by rights in your pocket thanks to the ACCC Shopper application.

Prepared by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the ACCC Shopper app provides answers to common questions about consumer rights as well as a handy glossary of tricky purchasing terminology. You can also use this app to store pictures of receipts so that you have them on hand should the need arise.

Ausbuy – Available for iPhone 

Most Australians love being able to buy locally made goods that were produced right here in Australia. However, sometimes it can be hard to tell what comes from down under and what was imported from far off lands.

Well, the Ausbuy application makes buying Australia-made products easy. All you have to do is scan any product at the supermarket with the Ausbuy app and it will quickly tell you whether that item is an Ausbuy member product! How cool is that?

Lasoo – Available for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android

Lasoo is literally a bargain hunters’ dream, and can be used to quickly and easily scan from catalogues and special offers to identify where the best deals can be found in your neighbourhood.

The best thing about Lasoo is that it contains product information on some of the biggest retailers in Australia, including Target, Coles, Toys R Us, Repco and Rebel Sport – now that’s something to get excited about!