Congratulations to the winners of the Happy Hour competition!

Congratulations to all our winners, who submitted fantastic entries across 10 weeks of competition.

As a result, they have all received a $100 gift card!

Week 1
  • Alexander B, from NSW
  • Chris V, from NSW
  • Maria D, from VIC
  • Tracey T, from VIC
  • Susan B, from QLD
Week 2
  • Bernadette W, from QLD
  • Marlou J, from QLD
  • David O, from QLD
  • Carol Anne H, from WA
  • Trish B, from QLD
Week 3
  • Sheema D, from NSW
  • Claire T, from NSW
  • Dave C, from QLD
  • Nhat T, from VIC
  • Maria D, from VIC
Week 4
  • Laurie M, from NSW
  • Jen B, from NSW
  • Alexandra G, from VIC
  • Amanda W, from QLD
  • Mark A, from NSW
Week 5
  • Rebecca M, from VIC
  • Michelle L, from NSW
  • Fiona C, from VIC
  • Jimmy D, from VIC
  • Jodi S, from QLD
Week 6
  • William K, from VIC
  • Brooke G, from VIC
  • David B, from NSW
  • Kate S, from VIC
  • Kylie M, from VIC
Week 7
  • Serena C, from VIC
  • Alexandra T, from VIC
  • Fiona M, from NSW
  • Feeb H, from WA
  • Katie K, from QLD
Week 8
  • Jase D, from TAS
  • Melissa N, from WA
  • Jessie N, from WA
  • Marnie G, from VIC
  • Koshita W, from VIC
Week 9
  • Desley G, from QLD
  • Sharon S, from VIC
  • Elise D, from NSW
  • Rika G, from SA
  • Renata O, from QLD
Week 10
  • Giuseppe C, from NSW
  • Nikki D, from VIC
  • Kasey Z, from QLD
  • Lyn C, from QLD
  • Gail G, from SA

Thank you to everyone who participated, and for the creative entries you submitted.

The panel absolutely loved discovering the stories shared.


If you are seeking the full T&Cs associated with this competition, you will find them here: