Invest in your education

Free ways to invest in your education

We all know uni and CPD ain’t cheap – but we also love to learn new things and wow mates with our incredible breadth of knowledge.

I mean, what other reason could there be for our relentless pursuit of pub trivia? (Besides the booze!) But uni can be expensive – and thanks to the pandemic, many of us are currently in the throes of extreme wallet woes.

But you don’t have to fork out your much-needed monies to join the #isolearning revolution. Flex your mental muscles and invest in your education from the comfort of your own couch with these 100% free online courses and resources. Look out, Trivia Newton John!

Up your career creds

Gunning for a promotion or want to brush up on a new work-related skill? Try TAFE! Because of the community impacts caused by COVID-19, institutions all over Australia have launched a range of fee-free courses – or increased their existing fee-free offering! Whether you’re looking to enhance your digital impact, increase your knowledge of cyber security or master the art of mentoring, we’re sure your local TAFE will have what you’re looking for.

Not sold on signing up to a registered TAFE course? Many conferences and events have been cancelled due to the pandemic, and free online events are taking their place! Link up with your industry body, favourite conference or industry awards – and enjoy the on-demand educational opportunities!

Pursue your passion

Got a burning interest in architecture or an unscratched viticulture itch? We got you! There are literally HUNDREDS of free uni courses available online – so you can soup-up your smarts without suffering under a hefty student loan, or even leaving the house! Websites like edX, and Class Central offer a slew of resources for cash-strapped learners from some of the best schools on the planet – from Harvard, Berkley and ANU to Sorbonne, Oxford and MIT.

Can’t see what you’re looking for on one of these libraries? Just google “Online Learning Initiative” and your preferred school, and you’ll be surprised at what pops up. You’re welcome, nerds!

Find a new hobby

OK, so there’s no point denying it. Iso has done funny things to all of us. Whether it’s a sister-in-law who’s baking seventeen sourdough loaves a week, your own hankering for haberdashery, or a sudden obsession with origami!

The iso (and post iso) struggle is real – and we encourage you to get into something weird and wonderful to help get through it. Look up YouTube Learn for ideas and inspo.

Not into how-to videos? Look up books at your local library. Not sure where to start? Your favourite social influencers or subject-matter experts will have books published on whichever subject strikes your fancy. (For aspiring sewers and sustainable fashion fanatics, we recommend Modern Mending by Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald.)

Go to code camp

Our kids are getting into coding and computer science from seriously young ages (um hello, Minecraft much?) – and it’s not fun when your eight-year-old niece rolls her eyes at your ignorance. Learn to crush coding without shelling out thousands with Code Camp, Code Academy or Wanna keep young ones busy (and not criticising your efforts) while you’re at it? MIT’s Scratch website will have them making cute animated stories worth watching.

Get a culture fix

Cinemas are only just starting to open up, along with art galleries, museums and theatres. But so many of these spaces and troupes created online portals to help bridge the iso culture gap – and many of them are so popular they’re still going strong!

If you haven’t already taken a free tour of the Louvre, GET ON THAT. While Google Arts and Culture has launched partnerships with over 2000 galleries and 10,000 famous attractions, including MoMA, Musée d’Orsay and the Tate.

Opera lovers aren’t forgotten. Start with Opera Australia’s still-available digital season. And enjoy!