Meet the Blue Mountains bus driver who lives the life he loves

On Mr T’s bus route in the Blue Mountains, you can be sure of punctuality, crisp politeness and the chance to reach your seat before the bus leaves the curb. Look a little closer, and you might catch the sparkle of mischievous blue eyes or the glint of a skull and crossbones ring on his finger. Mr T’s quirks and eccentricities are enjoyed by all of his passengers, as they are what makes him, him. Then there’s the question of that six-month hiatus he took from driving that the regulars of his route may recall. The truth is, if you’ve met Mr T at his day job, you might never know how much he has forged his own path

Outside his route, Mr T lives loud. He exudes warm energy and has been known to take to the streets in nothing but body paint. Strip that back further and you’ll uncover a family man, beekeeper and creator of striking jewellery and t-shirts. You’ll discover someone who during his early teen years, decided to live life on his own terms. “It’s a big thing I always hold onto,” he says, “that I’ve got wings on my heels and that helps me be myself.”

Mr T with his dog

"Polishing that stone"

Right now, he’s exploring some new paths. One where he can grow more vegetables, harvest more honey and spend more time with his son. “It’s just about polishing that stone and becoming more of who you are, peeling back layers and understanding more, because ultimately that’s the satisfaction of life.”

Mr T beekeeping

Mr T has continued enjoying his many hobbies and being the truest version of himself. “Over the last few years, I’ve just started to compile possibilities and ask myself, OK, what parts of life do I enjoy and how can I make those parts more of what I live each day? I suppose the essence of who everybody is and how you do you, is getting closer to living your dream.”

Mr T relaxing at home

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Mr T creating