Why mums are the best

10 ways your Mum rocks your world (and how you can thank her this Mother’s Day).

Good ol’ mums. With everything they do it's easy to forget how awesome they are. That’s why Mother’s Day is so important. It’s a day for us to stop and think about our mums and let them know we love them. And if you think your mum is tops, we’ve got a competition you won't want to miss.

But first, here’s a tribute to all the awesome mums, including step-mums, grandmothers and special people in your life who step in when you need a mum. Here’s why they’re great (and if you want to write any of this down in, say, a card, I’m sure your special person would love to hear it).

They love you, always

Your mum has a heart filled with a bottomless cup of love. Sometimes she shows it in big ways, like cuddles and embarrassing sloppy kisses in front of your friends at school. Sometimes she shows it in little ways, like asking how your day was or knowing which way you like your sandwich cut. Even when she made you eat your crusts – that was love.

They’re there for you night and day

From the time you kept your mum awake all night as a crying newborn, to the party years when she’d pick you up after a big night just to make sure you got home safely, your mum doesn’t look at the clock when it comes to caring for you. Even as you were tucked up in bed, she probably lay awake thinking about how to make the next day great for you. Or got up early to make sure you didn’t miss your bus. She’s like your everyday superhero, there to protect you.

They’re the first and best teacher you ever had

Walking and talking now is no big deal. But once upon a time, when you said your first word or waddled across the room for the first time, it was everything to your mum. And she was the one who helped you do it, with hour after hour of guidance, encouragement and support. Little did you know that it was only the beginning of a lot of amazing things she would teach you. We learn how to look after ourselves, how to be good people, and how to learn for ourselves all thanks to our mums.

They help you be a better version of you

Remember getting in trouble as a kid? At the time you probably rolled your eyes or complained that your mum was so mean. But now you probably know that everything your mum said was 100% right. You were being cheeky, or unkind or disruptive. And she called you out on it. It sucked at the time but now you know she was helping you to be a better person.

They’re the finder of all things

With what seemed like magical powers, your mum could conjure up almost anything you needed around the house. Your favourite jacket that you haven’t seen in three weeks. Abracadabra! Your keys that you can’t remember where you left? Alakazam! Your phone charger that somehow disappeared? Bam! Of course, she actually just looked, while you probably just stared blankly at your room and hollered her name. But it was magic at the time.

They stick with you

Imagine going back in time and meeting your old selves. From a screaming newborn to a tantrummy toddler, a precocious tween and a know-it-all teen, the goth phase, the gangster phase, the gym-junkie phase, the eco-warrior phase, the party-too-hard days, the sleep-in-all-day days and the I’m-too-busy-to-call days. Would you still be your friend through all those ups and downs? Your mum has been there for you through all the shades of your life, and she always will be.

They have super-human strength

She might not be able to leap a tall building in a single bound, but your mum is probably the strongest person you know. If it's a problem, she’ll fix it. If you're sad, she'll make you happy. If you're lost, she'll find you. From your darkest hour to your brightest days she'll be by your side. And she gives you her strength to tackle the world. Roar!

They let you make mistakes

Sometimes your mum knows you're going to make a mistake and lets you do it anyway. Whether it's falling out of a tree or falling out of love, your mum has a spidey-sense about the bad things coming, but lets them happen anyway (though it breaks her heart) to help you tune your own spidey senses.

They know the power of hugs

Whether you have good news to share, or you've got a broken heart, there's always an open pair of arms waiting for you at the end of the day. Warm, snuggly and filled with love – mum hugs make everything better.

They're just all kinds of awesome

She's a shoulder to cry on, a safe pair of hands, she keeps your nose clean and helps you put your best foot forward. From top to bottom, you can always count on your mum.

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Happy Mother's Day!