You do you

Everyone has dreams. From the little sparks to the blazing infernos, these bursts of energy keep us pushing forward. For past generations the Great Aussie Dream was a quarter-acre block with the white picket-fence – a one-size fits all scenario that just doesn’t stack up today.

Because the world is different now. In 2018, Australia’s population hit 25 million. That’s 25 million people with their own unique dreams. 25 million Aussies wanting to do more, be more, and tread their own path. Life is different.

That means there are 25 million stories waiting to be told. Stories of today’s dreamers. They’re thinking bigger, bolder and beyond the realms of their own backyard. They’re stepping out, wanting to find their own secret spots and untrodden paths, swing past the museum of miscellany and the dive bars, because they can. They’ve got wings on their heels and a thirst for adventures. That’s the dream – sustain the thirst for life, and taste all the flavours too.

And nothing should hold us back from our dreams, no matter what they are – whether it’s living on a house boat, changing careers, living abroad, off the grid, however you choose or a combination of all of the above.  

Because these days, dreams aren’t single-minded. They’re multi-faceted and complicated. They can shift like a change in the wind, at a moment’s notice, and you find yourself 20 paces from the last checkpoint.

We’re all different and that’s what makes us who we are. At Virgin Money, we want to help you to live the truest version of you. So dance in the dark, or in the street. Travel the world, or travel to the next open inspection. The world is yours and waiting.

You do you.