5 things your parents told you that turned out to be true

In an often vain attempt to keep their little ones in line, parents tell them all manner of lies.

“If you keep pulling that face, the wind will change and it will stay that way forever.”

“If you keep hitting your brother, Santa won’t come this year.”

and our all-time favourite…

“Babies come from storks.”

Somewhere amongst the lies to save their sanity, keep a tantrum at bay or stop the neighbours from peeking over their fences, there are a few nuggets of truth. Here are five things your parents told you that actually turned out to be true…

1. You’ll understand when you’re older

There are just some things parents aren’t comfortable imparting on young ears. Like a savvy politician, their method is to simply defer the interrogator until a later date. Unlike many politicians, most parents simply get away with this one.

However, this is one parenting technique we should be thankful for. The world seems such a large and confusing place as a kid, then we grow up and start to understand a lot more. Not everything, mind you, but far more than you did when kiddy locks were enough to ruin your day.

2. Life isn’t fair

The child in all of us wishes this one fell under the banner of ridiculous-yet-hilarious lies our parents tell us – alas, “life isn’t fair” are three of the truest words you’ll ever hear.

As a child, this is usually a response you’ll get when you ask why the other kids at school get light-up sneakers and you don’t. As an adult, you’ll quickly learn that everything from your mate’s impressive superannuation funds, to the ref in the rugby, to gridlocked traffic is deeply and regularly unfair.

3. It’s better to be safe than sorry

At age six, you’re dead certain you can climb that tree. All you have to do is convince your watchful mother and the eyes in the back of her head that you can make it to the top and down again without even a scratch. When you meet her brick wall of rejection that’s as insurmountable as if the tree was 100 feet tall, it comes with the tagline “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. And when you grow up and see that six-year-old’s determination in your own kids (and you know you’ve turned into your parents), you’ll realise how right she was.

How boring.

4. There’s no ‘i’ in team

Smart alecs will point out the ‘me’ in team. Smarter alecs will find the ‘i’ in team. But real maturity comes when you realise that this too, is a true adage.

The sooner you learn this one the better, which is why many parents will pack up their kids and send them off to the sports fields every weekend in an effort to teach them the principles of teamwork, trust and kindness. Unfortunately, while this one is true, not every child was dragged to that footy field as a kid, which might go some way toward explaining the obstinate behaviour of that guy in accounts.

5. Money doesn’t grow on trees

Yes, paper technically grows on trees. No, saying that does not make this frustrating piece of parenting advice any less true. Gambling isn’t much of an investment strategy, so your best bet is usually to work hard and put money away for when you really do wish it grew on trees. Putting money away into your superannuation fund could potentially ‘grow’ through compound interest however and boost your superannuation performance, so at least this truth has a silver lining when it comes to savings. Remember super is a long term investment and money must stay in the super system until a condition of release is met, such as retirement.  

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What pieces of parenting advice turned out to be true for you?