Five ways to be well at work

Working at a desk for long hours can really take a toll on our physical and mental health.

We may think it’s unavoidable but we also know that with a few simple lifestyle and work habit adjustments we can give our minds and our bodies some well-deserved relief.

Five Habits to work in to your day

  1. Take a breather every two hours– get up, breathe deeply and stretch your arms, legs and rotate your neck to ease the “computer neck” tension.
  2. Instead of visiting the vending machine bring healthy snacks and maybe even pack a lunch.
  3. Walk; use the stairs whenever possible and if going to a meeting on another level, share the love and invite a colleague along for the climb. If you drive to work try to park in the furthest spot you can from your office.
  4. Hydrate during the day. Drinking water throughout the day is not only good for you but it will also keep your mind off soda or coffee and may even help you fight off those tempting mid-day cravings. Studies have found that sleepiness is often caused by dehydration, so keep yourself well hydrated. If you want some flavor, put lime, lemon or cucumber slices into your water bottle.
  5. Enjoy a relaxing vacation and remember the purpose is to relax, laugh and unwind and to just leave work behind. Research has shown that the brain does better with rest and so does the heart.

Mental and physical fatigue causes stress, sloppy decision-making, and carelessness. So take the time that’s coming to you and remember to r-e-l-a-x.