Keep On Rockin' - Musicians who refuse to call it quits

Traditionally, your golden years are supposed to be spent lounging out in the backyard, playing golf and maybe doing a little bit of travelling on the side – not shredding up a guitar solo in front of a crowd of 100,000 people.

However, tradition has never meant all that much to these rock legends, who have all refused to cash in on their super fund and call it quits. In fact, they're still rocking our socks off today!

The Rolling Stones 

Where would an article on senior rockers be without the grandfathers of rock, the Rolling Stones! Mick Jagger and his cohorts have been thrilling fans of all ages for more than 40 years, and have released more than 20 full-length albums during that time.

Recently, the Stones made headlines yet again when they performed at the world-famous Glastonbury Festival, despite their combined age of 217. Showing that age is no barrier to having fun, the band put together a blistering two-hour set that included hits such as Paint It Black and Sympathy for the Devil.


Speaking of the devil, Aussie legends AC/DC are another band that have been on the highway to hell for more than 40 years, and show no sign of slowing down just yet.

The band famously lost their original lead singer in 1980 – the late, great Bon Scott – but the powerful lungs of Brian Johnson have since capably filled the void. AC/DC's most famous album, Back in Black, is actually one of the most successful albums of all time, have certifiably sold nearly 26 million copies. 

David Bowie

We thought we'd seen the last of David Bowie when he retired from live performances in 2003, citing health problems. However, the thin white duke refused to let age get in the way of making great music.

On January 8 2013 – his 66th birthday – Bowie announced he would be releasing a brand new album of original material, entitled The Next Day. The LP was a huge hit, and while Bowie has yet to confirm a return to the live stage, fans are crossing their fingers that they will get a chance to see the legend himself in action in the near future.

The Zimmers

But if you thought that Jagger, Johnson and Bowie were the height of senior citizen rock and roll, think again. That trio has nothing on the Zimmers – a collection of more than 40 senior citizens that together form the oldest active rock band in the world.

The Zimmers were originally formed as part of a BBC documentary in 2007, but since then the group has taken on a life of its own. They competed on the hit show Britain's Got Talent in 2007, where they performed a memorable cover of LMFAO's 'Sexy and I Know It'. Rock on!

So there you have it, four senior citizen rock stars who refused to go quietly into retirement. Of course, not all of us are lucky enough to make a living playing music in front of thousands of screaming fans, and for Australians with a regular 9-5, working into your 60s probably doesn't sound all that appealing.

That's why it's a good idea to make sure you are getting the most out of your superannuation savings. By investing intelligently, and putting away a nice nest egg, you'll be able to spend your golden years in peace and quiet – or rocking out to your favourite bands, if you're that way inclined.

How would you spend your retirement days if you were a rockstar?