New eBook sheds light on superannuation reforms

Australia is a great place to live and do business. Not only do we have a fantastic climate, a beautiful environment and thriving, friendly communities, but we also have a terrific retirement saving system.

In fact, Australia's retirement schemes are the envy of the world. Recent studies have ranked the land Down Under as having one of the best pension systems on earth.

However, the flipside of this coin is that Australia's superannuation system is also pretty complex. Employers and employees alike often struggle to get their heads around exactly how much they need to put away each month, and what their obligations are.

That's why the Australian government is introducing a number of significant legislative changes designed to make it easier to understand retirement in Australia. It is also hoped that the Stronger Super reforms will make our retirement system more efficient and transparent for everyone involved.

So it's time to ask yourself an important question – is your business ready to tackle the the Stronger Super reforms? Well, to help Australian organisations get to grip with these changes, we're putting out a new eBook entitled Stronger Super's Here – Is Your Business Ready?

The Stronger Super eBook is packed with plenty of valuable information on the superannuation reforms that have already been put in place, and those due to be rolled out in the near future. Some of the topics covered include:


On January 1 2014, new superannuation legislation reforms will mean that employers are only allowed to pay superannuation guarantee contributions for employees that have not made a choice to an authorised MySuper account. Get to grips with what your business needs to do to be ready for January 1 2014 by checking out the Stronger Super eBook.


The Stronger Super eBook even includes a chapter on SuperStream – a series of reforms intended to streamline the administration and 'back office' aspects of superannuation. The reforms in this area could mean big changes to your business processes, so it's definitely worth finding out more!

SuperSeeker and plenty more…

Finally, the Stronger Super eBook also covers a number of important but potentially confusing topics such as SuperSeeker and unclaimed super.

Even if you think you understand superannuation and the ongoing super reforms, it's still worthwhile taking a look at the Stronger Super eBook in order to ensure you are up to date and ready to tackle your new obligations head on.

Together, we'll be able to ensure every Australian enjoys the golden retirement they deserve.