Oldest flame: Aussie hero still putting out fires

With careful management of your super fund during your working life, you can look forward to a comfortable, relaxing, even exciting, retirement.

In those final weeks and months of work, most of us will be counting the days until we can stop setting the alarm and start enjoying more free time.

But not everyone is wired that way. Take Bill King, for example, an Aussie hero still working as a full-time fireman despite his advancing years.

At 73, Bill should have been a pipe-and-slippers-man for almost a decade, but instead he's sliding down the pole and answering emergency calls in the Sydney suburb of Mosman.

The inspirational old-timer says working with people half his age and doing such a demanding job, keeps him in peak physical and mental condition.  He's got no plans to hang up his hat and hose any time soon.

"I enjoy the camaraderie and still love the challenge of the job," he told the Daily Telegraph in an interview last year. "I can't pull the trigger on retirement just yet."

As well as fighting fires, Bill also competes at the Sydney World Fire-fighters Games in the indoor rowing event. Something he trains for every day.

Bill may be the oldest serving fireman in Australia, but he has a few years to go before he takes the global title. Back in 2010, New Jersey volunteer fireman Jack Lindsley was still lending a hand (although not riding the fire truck) at 98.

And if Bill remains in good health, he could still have plenty of time to enjoy his retirement. Jane Gray, Australia's oldest person, has almost 40 years on him!!