Retirement Day one

Kindergarten, day one: Crying, probably.

School, day one: More crying, sporadic games of heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

University, day one: Sleep in, miss first class.

First job, day one: Pen goes here, choose favourite coffee mug.

But what about the first day of your retirement?

You probably won’t be crying, but there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy a nice sleep in and start the day off with your favourite coffee mug. The rest of the day, however, is up to you.

People are retiring around the world every day. Some of them have shared their stories and plans here, but many will be wondering what to do on this first day of the next step of their life. Here are a few ideas to get you started on retirement day one.

Write a bucket list

Don’t let your life be defined by ‘one day’ statements.

If you’ve ever said you’d love to see Vienna at Christmas ‘one day’, write it down. Always meant to go on a cruise ‘one day’? Put it on the list.

Carpe diem, as they say, and make it happen by starting with a collection of ideas that help you determine how you can spread that superannuation fund you worked so hard for across your wishlist. It won’t just get you excited about the future, as it will help you brush any retirement nerves away, a common feeling on that first day.

Start a blog

Estimates put the number of blogs on the internet at around 152 million, with two new blogs created every second.

Everyone from the postman to your neighbour’s cat has a blog these days, and you’d wonder how anyone finds the time to write them, let alone garners an audience for their musings. The thing is, blogging doesn’t have to be for anyone else, unless you want it to be.

A blog is an ideal way to track your thoughts and achievements through retirement, whether you share it with others or not.

This tech-savvy woman started her blog in 2008 and never looked back. A book deal later, she’s an inspiration for retirees everywhere and continues to share her thoughts and adventures with the world.

Throw a party

Or at least, host a lunch.

Retirement can be a great time to say thanks to friends, family members and colleagues who have supported you throughout your career, and getting together with them all to share in a meal or a few cheeky tipples could be a great way to kick-start your new full-time job as a retiree.

Build a theme around the job you’re saying goodbye to, or the beachy, laid-back lifestyle you’re about to embrace. Take plenty of photos and give yourself a first day to remember.

Sign up for three new hobbies

You’re going to need something to fill all that time, so try these three tips.

Sign up for a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, one a friend or family member is already involved in, and one you think you’ll be terrible at.

It could be learning a new language, picking up painting, joining a social sports team, learning to cook Italian food, or starting a beehive.

Picking three will give you plenty of laughs along the way, with at least one where you already know someone and others to help you meet fellow retirees. Between them, these activities can help keep you sharp, fit and social – plus no one will complain about your new found skills in the kitchen.

So, finish this sentence: Retirement, day one:…