What is a retirement nest egg?

The beginning of April each year sees a glorious change in the animal kingdom.

No longer do we associate birds with eggs and nests, but rather rabbits! Easter egg hunts and chocolate indulgence abound during this festive time.

What better way to join in the annual rabbit-egg theme than by sorting out your future retirement nest egg?

What is a nest egg?

Your nest egg is the money you save and invest for retirement – the final goal of your superannuation dreams

Much like the straw, egg-filled nests of our bird (or rabbit) friends, your own nest egg is to be nurtured for future rewards. A well-curated nest egg can provide you with a comfortable life in retirement for 10 years, 30 or even longer!

How to build your nest egg

Building your retirement nest egg can be as easy as constructing a basket of straw as long as you are patient and take the right steps.

Start with the basket

The foundation of your retirement future is a secure, protected nest. No one wants eggs to fall through the cracks! Ideally, your nest will help nurture and grow these eggs.

Put in the eggs

Though perhaps not as immediately gratifying as big chocolate eggs, money eggs in your retirement fund are like chocolate for your future.

Though your employer will automatically add in their Superannuation Guarantee Contributions, it’s could be a good idea to put in your own eggs, too. That means dipping into your pockets when you have money to spare, or possibly even opting for a regular salary sacrifice.

If you’re thinking about building your nest egg for retirement, it might be good to speak to a financial advisor to review your situation and options. Virgin Super offers flexible, easy-to-understand superannuation options that might be worth your consideration.

How is your retirement nest egg looking this Easter?