How to choose the right bucket list

Do you have a bucket list?

We’ve all read the sacred writs of modern living that dictate the activities or experiences we absolutely have to try before we kick the bucket (which is where the name comes from).

But there are so many, each with their own take. So here is a quick guide to creating your own bucket list.

Have you written your bucket list?

Thinking about doing something is quite different to actually doing it. Inspirational speaker Frederique Murphysuggests writing your list down – be it on paper or a device of some kind – in order to make it more tangible, and thus, more actionable.

What should you be doing?

Bucket lists are everywhere, created for activities, actions, countries, events, movies and every possible combination of these elements. But there are some common threads.

Statistics website Statista outlined the top bucket list ideas for US travellers from 2014, all of which could easily inspire us Australians. The top five were:

  1. Fly first class
  2. Research your heritage
  3. Visit all seven continents
  4. Go on an African safari
  5. Hike a famous track or mountain

You need to ask yourself a few questions to figure out what’s best for your own list. For example:

  1. If you died tomorrow, what would you most regret not doing?
  2. Where have you never visited?
  3. What have you not achieved yet, but would like to?
  4. What skills do you not have that you’d love to learn?
  5. Who have you never met?

With the top five bucket list items and your five personal questions answered, your unique list should be well underway. Need to add a few more items to it? Here are some more adventurous ideas:

Go skydiving

Hundreds of tourist destinations around the globe offer sky diving. You can even do it indoors in some cities!

Get a tattoo

What is meaningful in your life? Have you ever wanted this thing – be it a name, symbol, saying or image – tattooed onto your skin?

Visit all of the world wonders

There are currently seven wonders of the new world, chosen by over 100 million votes, according to World of New 7 Wonders.

Meet a dangerous animal (safely)

Don’t just think about sharks, either. Have you ever met a salt water crocodile in Australia? Or lions in Africa?

What are the weirdest ones?

Need some inspiration from a different perspective? Add these weird ideas/bucket lists to your research pile:

  • Get a job as an extra on a Hollywood film
  • Take your closest friends to Abbey Road, London, and recreate The Beatles’ album cover
  • Sleep over somewhere haunted
  • Learn how to eat fire
  • Create a board game

Get insured

If you’re planning on travelling the world, it could be worth taking travel insurance to ensure you’re adequately covered should something unexpected happen. You need your money and energy for the list itself, not tackling any unforeseen problems as they arise. Virgin Travel Insurance has offers additional options, such as Adventure Pack for those wanting to take on more adventurous-packed holidays – to see the Virgin Travel Insurance will suit your needs, visit us today.

What’s on your bucket list?