FAQs - Home and Contents Insurance

Taking out a policy
  • Q. How can I purchase a Home and/or Contents Insurance policy?

    A. There’s a number of options available to you when you’re ready to buy your Home and Contents Insurance from Virgin Money.

    If you are a new customer you can:
    Get a quote and then buy securely online  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can pay with either a Visa or MasterCard or pay online via Direct Debit from your Bank, Credit Union or Building Society account.

    Complete a quote online then just give one of our team a call on the number provided at the end of the quote to complete the purchase of your policy. Your quote will automatically include any applicable customer discounts.

    Give our team a call on 1800 887 707 to get a quote and purchase over the phone. Your quote will automatically include any applicable customer discounts. Our team is available Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 8.00pm and Saturday 8.00am to 5.00pm (Sydney Time). 

    If you have an existing Car, Home and/or Contents policy with us:
    If you haven't already, simply register online for the Virgin Insurance Hub. It's easy to get a quote and buy online. Plus we'll ensure you receive any relevant customer discounts.

  • Q. Why buy online?

    A. You'll get a 15%1 discount if you purchase either a Home or Contents Insurance Price Saver policy online. If you combine Home and Contents Insurance Price Saver online, you can save 30%1 on your combined policy. There are many other benefits when purchasing Home and Contents insurance online:

    1. Do it when it suits you 24/7
    2. No forms or pen needed... ever
    3. It can be up to 40% faster than doing it over the phone
  • Q. Is it safe to purchase Home and Contents Insurance online?

    A. Your safety is of utmost importance to us. Our VeriSign certificate confirms that our online quote and payment system enables sensitive data to be safely encrypted. Please also make sure that the computer you’re using is protected with the latest internet security system.

  • Q. I am having trouble purchasing securely online, what should I do?

    A. Please call 1800 776 598 with your Quote Reference Number and we’ll give you a hand. We’re here to help Monday to Friday 8.00am-8.00pm and Saturday 8.00am-5.00pm (Sydney Time).

  • Q. Can I pay my insurance in monthly instalments?

    A. Yes. If you decide to pay monthly, there’s one upfront payment followed by 11 monthly instalments. 

    If you choose to pay by the month, please make sure payments happen on time (or your policy may be cancelled without notice).

  • Q. Why might I have a different Home and Contents Insurance premium to my friends or neighbours?

    A. Home and Contents Insurance premiums are calculated based on the level of 'risk' the insurance underwriters (Auto & General) associate with you and your home and/or contents. So simple factors that differentiate you and someone else contribute to the perception of 'risk'. 

    Risk is affected by the location of the home, what materials the home is constructed from, the security devices installed at the home, and how the home is occupied. For example, not all insurers treat each suburb the same. The frequency of claims is also considered carefully. 

    Auto & General’s underwriting allows us to offer competitive rates.

  • Q. If I buy Home and Contents Insurance online when will I be covered?

    A. Just like purchasing insurance over the phone, your insurance cover will begin on the date you request the cover to start. 

  • Q. How are my Velocity Points earned and transferred in to my Velocity Frequent Flyer Account?

    A. The Points earned with your Home and/or Contents Insurance will be automatically credited to your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account up to 60 days after the purchase date.

    Read the full terms and conditions.

  • Q. Is Velocity Frequent Flyer membership required?

    A. Yes. In order for Virgin Money to credit Velocity Points to your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account, you must provide us with your Velocity membership number either when applying for your Home and/or Contents Insurance or by calling us on 13 81 51. If you're not currently a Velocity Member you can join for free online. Velocity membership, Points earn and redemption are subject to Member Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time.

  • Q. How do I redeem with my Velocity Points?

    A. To redeem your Velocity Points log in to your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account at velocityfrequentflyer.com and follow the instructions. If you need some assistance give the Velocity Membership Contact Centre a call on 13 18 75.

Managing your policy
About our cover
  • Q. What are the best ways I can save money on my Home and Contents Insurance?

    A. Virgin Money believes that if your Home and Contents Insurance company has all the right information and is evaluating your risk level effectively you shouldn’t have to pay sky high prices. We give you a number of options that allow you to tailor your policy, choose whether you want to include these optional covers:

    • Flood Cover
    • Motor Burnout
    • Accidental Damage
    • Personal effects cover (only available with Contents insurance)
    • Sum Insured Safeguard (only available with Home insurance)

    You can also choose the excess amount you pay if you need to make a claim, this will adjust the amount of premium charged for your Home and Contents Insurance.

    We also offer discounts when you purchase online. 

    Give our team a call on 1800 887 707 and they'll be happy to help.

  • Q. What happens to my discount in the 2nd year?

    A. The online discount applies to Virgin Home and Contents Insurance Price Saver cover only in Year 1.

  • Q. What benefits are important to consider when choosing a Home and Contents insurer?

    A. Benefits, which could be important to you include:

    • Choice of optional covers
    • Flexible excess option - alter your premium by adjusting your excess
    • Monthly payment option
    • 21 day money back guarantee if you cancel your policy and have not made a claim
  • Q. Who is the underwriter for Virgin Money’s Home and Contents Insurance?

    A. Our Home and Contents Insurance policies are underwritten by Auto & General Insurance Company Limited. Auto & General Insurance Company Limited is an Australian Insurer authorised to conduct insurance business in Australia by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA). Auto & General Insurance Company Limited is a member of the Insurance Council of Australia and participates in the Insurance Code of Practice

  • Q. Do you have Flood Cover?

    A. Yes, we offer Flood Cover for an additional premium. You'll find details about the events we insure in our Product Disclosure Statement.

  • Q. What is the Motor Burnout option?

    A. For an additional premium, the Motor Burnout option provides cover for loss or damage to electric motors during the period of insurance provided:

    • The burnout is caused by electric current and/or power surge, and
    • The motor is burnt out at the home.

    See the Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

  • Q. What is the Accidental Damage option?

    A. For an additional premium, the Accidental Damage option provides cover for:

    • Accidental loss or damage to your home caused by an accident which occurs at the insured address.
    • Accidental loss or damage to your contents caused by an accident which occurs in the home at the insured address.

    See the Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

  • Q. What is the Sum Insured Safeguard option?

    A. (only available when you have Home Insurance cover)

    For an additional premium, the Sum Insured Safeguard option will extend your home sum insured up to an additional 25% if your nominated sum insured is not sufficient to replace or repair the damage to your home.

    See the Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

  • Q. Who is Auto & General Services Pty Ltd (AGS) and why do they appear in my Virgin Money Documents?

    A. Virgin Money has teamed up with AGS to offer you Home and Contents insurance with a range of flexible options and very competitive rates. AGS administers your policy on behalf of your insurer and is a related company of theirs. AGS holds an Australian Financial Services License and participates in the General Insurance Code of Practice.

  • Q. What is the Personal Effects Cover option?

    A. (Only available when you have Contents cover)
    For an additional premium, the Personal Effects Cover option provides cover for accidental loss or damage during the period of insurance:

    • Anywhere in Australia and New Zealand
    • Anywhere in the world - for up to 30 days of your departure from Australia

    Personal Effects are those personal items that belong to you that you might ordinarily take with you outside your home. See the Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

  • Q. What if I have to make a Home and Contents Insurance claim?

    A. Call 1800 662 884 to make a Home or Contents Insurance claim. Once we’ve got you on the line you’ll be guided through our fast and friendly process, and we’ll answer any questions that crop up along the way. Our friendly claims team will do their best to ensure your claims experience is as hassle-free as can be to avoid any inconvenience to you and your family.

    You can also fill in our Online Claim Notification Form (available 24/7) and we’ll call you back to confirm details and finalise your claim lodgement.

    We may need to arrange for an assessor to visit you to inspect the damage and help you organise repairs or replacement of damaged items. 

    In case of an emergency, please call our customer service staff on 1800 069 336 for immediate support and advice.

  • Q. What happens if I don't disclose information about my past claims when I am asked?

    A. This is called non-disclosure and affects an insurer's ability to accurately assess your risk or calculate the correct premium. It can lead to a claim being paid only in part; or not paid at all and/or your policy being cancelled.