No matter where your travels take you, pack some peace of mind with Virgin Travel Insurance comprehensive cover.

Here’s a summary of some inclusions and exclusions of our Comprehensive travel insurance plan. For full details, please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

What's covered?
Benefit Single Limit
Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance^ unlimited
Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses^ unlimited
Accidental Death $15,000
Permanent Disability^ $15,000
Cancellation As selected. Default unlimited
Additional Expenses $50,000
Travel Delay Expenses $2,000
Alternative Transport Expenses^ $5,000
Luggage & Personal Effects (Depreciation applied) $10,000
Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses $500
Travel Documents, Transaction Cards & Travellers Cheques^ $5,000
Theft of Cash $250
Personal Liability $1,000,000

The information above is a summary only. All amounts based on Single Cover policies. Limits, sub limits and exclusions apply. See our PDS for cover details, applicable excess, terms and conditions.

^You do not have cover under these sections while travelling in Australia.

If you have a Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer card, you may already have travel insurance for international travel. Find out more or read the PDS.

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    Benefit Detail
    Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance^ 

    This benefit provides emergency assistance if you injure yourself, become sick or die while overseas. The benefit includes:

    • 24-hour emergency medical assistance
    • Hospital guarantees
    • Messages to family
    • The return to Australia of your dependants if they are left without supervision following your hospitalisation or evacuation
    • Funeral arrangements overseas
    • Repatriation of remains to your home in Australia
    Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses^ 

    This benefit covers overseas medical treatment if you are injured or become sick overseas. It includes:

    • Medical
    • Hospital
    • Surgical
    • Nursing
    Accidental Death This benefit is payable if you die because of, and within 12 months of, an accidental bodily injury sustained during your journey.
    Permanent Disability^ This benefit is payable in the event of total loss of sight in one or both eyes or loss of use of a hand or a foot because of, and within 12 months of, an injury sustained during your journey.

    This benefit provides cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits for prepaid travel and accommodation arrangements you cannot recover if your journey is cancelled or shortened due to circumstances neither expected nor intended by you or which are outside of your control, such as:

    • Sickness
    • Accidents
    • Strikes
    • Collisions
    • Redundancy
    • Natural disasters
    Additional Expenses his benefit provides cover for:
    • The cost of additional accommodation and travel expenses incurred due to you or your travelling companion being certified unfit to travel resulting from sickness or injury
    • Your travelling companion's or relative's accommodation and travel expenses to travel to, stay near or escort you following your hospitalisation due to serious injury or sickness
    • Returning to Australia due to the sickness or injury of you or your travelling companion or due to the death or hospitalisation of a relative
    Travel Daily Expenses  This benefit provides cover for reasonable additional meals and accommodation expenses (after an initial six-hour delay) if your journey is delayed due to circumstances beyond your control.
    Alternative Transport Expenses^ 

    This benefit provides cover for additional travel expenses, following travel delays, to reach:

    • A wedding
    • A funeral
    • A conference
    • A sporting event, or
    • Prepaid travel/tour arrangements
    Luggage & Personal Effects (Depreciation applied) This benefit provides an allowance to purchase essential items of clothing and other personal items if your luggage and personal effects are delayed, misdirected or misplaced by your carrier for more than 12 hours.
    Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses  This benefit provides an allowance to purchase essential items of clothing and other personal items if your luggage and personal effects are delayed, misdirected or misplaced by your carrier for more than 12 hours.
    Travel Documents, Transaction Cards & Travellers Cheques^ 

    This benefit provides cover for the costs of replacing travel documents lost or stolen from you during your journey, such as:

    • Passports
    • Transaction Cards (Credit cards/debit cards/travel money cards)
    • Travel documents
    • Travellers cheques


    The benefit also provides cover for any loss resulting from the fraudulent use of the lost or stolen cards or cheques, not covered by any guarantee given by the issuing bank or company, provided you have reported the loss appropriately within 24 hours.

    Theft of Cash

    This benefit provides cover for the following items stolen from your person:

    • Bank notes
    • Cash
    • Currency notes
    • Postal orders
    • Money orders
    Personal Liability This benefit provides cover for your legal liability to pay compensation, including legal expenses, for bodily injuries or damage to the property of other persons, as a result of a claim made against you.
What's not covered?

Wherever you are on your travels, keeping safe and playing it smart is definitely the way to go. Everyone wants to have fun, but there are limits. That’s why all travel insurance policies have exclusions – a.k.a. the things we won’t cover.

It’s important to know what they are before you go, so we’ve outlined a few of the general exclusions below. We also suggest you check the full list under General Exclusions and any exclusions applicable to specific benefit sections in our PDS. We want you to have the time of your life. Just make sure you don’t put it at risk.

  • Drink, drugs and doing silly things

    Let's face it: taking fun too far isn’t a great idea anywhere in the world. Especially when you’re overseas. So if you do something reckless, like drinking too much or taking drugs and it ends up going horribly wrong, you may not be covered. So please, take it easy and take care. For more on this, just head to our PDS.

  • Law-breaking behaviour

    Remember, even though you’re a traveller in another country, you’re not immune to their laws. So don’t go breaking any government prohibition or regulation, visa requirements or intentionally act illegally. Virgin Travel Insurance may not cover you. If you’d like to know more, our PDS is here to help.

  • On the road and licence-less

    Car, moped or motorcycle, it’s invigorating driving overseas. But please, always make sure you stick to the road rules of the country you’re in. Speaking of rules, no matter what – and where – you’re driving, a valid Australian driver’s licence PLUS a valid driver’s licence for the country you’re in are absolute musts – even if you’re not required by law to have one in that country.

    Rule of thumb: make sure you’re in possession of all relevant licences before you start that engine. Because in the unfortunate case of an accident, unless you have them, you may not be covered by us. There’s quite a bit more to know about all of this – including passenger information, so make sure you read our PDS to get the full details.

    And if you’re riding or travelling as a passenger on a quad bike or on a motorcycle whose engine capacity is greater than 250cc, you may not be covered. With one exception: you’ll be AOK if you paid the additional premium for insurance under our Adventure Pack.

  • Going into 'no-go' zones

    The world’s a wonderful place. But sometimes certain spots become ‘no-go’ zones for all sorts of reasons. That’s when the government steps in with advice and/or warnings. If this happens and you still set off into the direction of danger, you need to be aware there are some things you may not be covered for. To find out more, take a look at our PDS or check out our Travel Alerts.

  • Not following doctor's orders

    If your doctor says you’re not fit to travel, take heed and stay at home. We may not cover a claim you make that relates to you travelling against the advice of any medical advisor. So rest up, get better, and go to those places you’ve been dreaming about when you get the go-ahead. Don’t forget, we also cover a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Pregnancy complications

    If you’re pregnant and heading off overseas, there are a few things you do need to be aware of while you’re travelling. We won’t cover any claim directly or indirectly linked to pregnancy, childbirth or related complications – unless it’s a single, uncomplicated pregnancy (up to and including 23 weeks). For all the details, take a look at our PDS.

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Make your holiday dollar go further

  • Kids covered at no extra cost
    With single and family cover, dependants (under 25 and not in full-time employment) are covered at no additional cost if travelling with an insured parent, guardian or grandparent.
  • Buy together and save 10%
    Travel in twos and you’ll receive an automatic 10% discount on your premium with our Duo cover, giving you more money to spend elsewhere.