3 items that are actually investments

You don’t have to be Wolf-of-Wall-Street savvy to know about your usual investments – gold bullion, stocks, houses, the list goes on. But not all investments have to increase in value over time to give you great ROI.

Just look at these three purchases you’ll be making at some point in your life – probably more than once – to see how a good investment is often synonymous with a smart purchasing decision.

A place to rest your head

They say we spend around a third of our lives in bed. Based off current Aussie life expectancies, that’s around 25 – 30 years of your life. Let’s not count the nights spent on your mate’s fold-out couch or the ones in campgrounds, hostels or simply on the floor, but the nights where crawling in to your own cosy bed is a feeling second to none.

Your mattress will not earn you money when you resell it. But spending a little more when you make that initial purchase (after researching your options) is more likely to let you wake up on the right side of the bed most mornings, minus the neck and back pains that can come with settling for a mattress you find ‘for a bargain’ online.

A laptop

Welcome to the 21st century, where we spend about five hours every day behind screens that can entertain us, inform us, teach us, frustrate us and keep us in touch with people and loved ones around the world with a click of the mouse.

The reasons to spend a little more on your lappy are numerous. The pricier ones tend to have more capabilities, longer battery life, better warranties, more memory and are lighter in weight. Plus, as technology moves forward so quickly, a newer (usually more expensive) option is likely to stay up-to-date for longer, so you won’t need to scour the country for parts in case it breaks down.

A trusty set of wheels

There’s a reason so many parents buy their kids a first car. If that wasn’t you, you’ll know that buying a cheapie vehicle can quickly become a nightmare that ends with you being on a first name basis with everyone at your local automotive repair garage.

While cars at the very cheap end of the scale may come with plenty of ‘character’, investing a little more into your wheels comes with much more exciting features like ‘safety’, ‘durability’ and an ability to pass its Pink Slip almost every time.

It’s incredibly tempting to buy the first cool-looking mattress, laptop or car that comes your way, but if you think of this purchase as an investment in yourself then it might be a little easier to justify cracking into savings, cutting back spending or leveraging your credit card to seal the deal.

Which item do you think is the most important investment?