We make it clear and simple so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on a better deal. And we’ll even discount your interest rate based on the size of your home loan and loan-to-value ratio.

Low rates. Big cashback.


Get a little something back with $3,000 cashback38 when you refinance with us. T&Cs apply.

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Home Loan Rate Finder

Find the rate that's right for you and what your repayments could be with a Reward Me Home Loan. Rates displayed are for new borrowings only.

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    What you need to know

    Get a home loan that gets you

    Whether you’re in the market for your first home, upgrading to a bigger one, or looking to save interest on your current loan, we do everything we can to keep more money in your back pocket.

    Here’s how we home loan:
    • An award-winning home loan with our lowest interest rates ever 
    • Transparency about our rates so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on a better deal.
    • A fair value exchange: the bigger your deposit or loan, the bigger discount you get. 
    • The ability to redraw additional repayments from your variable loan at any time (minimum redraw amount $100).
    • A companion account on variable rate and 1-year fixed rate loans that’ll help you offset your loan balance and reduce your interest.
    • Discounts on a range of Virgin Money products and exclusive offers from our Virgin Group pals (yep, that means wine, workouts and more)
    You might be keen to know:
    • You can talk to your broker, or us – whatever works for you.
    • You’ll get the same awesome service every time you need to pick up the phone, with our Customer Care Team located right here in Australia.
    • We’re 100% owned by Bank of Queensland, one of Australia’s leading regional banks, so you can feel confident we’re here to support you for the long-term.

    Features and Benefits

    Competitive interest rates

    We recognise and reward the value of our customers with discounted variable interest rates based on loan size and loan-to-value ratio.


    If you're ahead of your minimum repayments, you can redraw those funds online at any time (minimum redraw amount $100) with no extra charges.

    Split borrowings

    You can split your borrowings and lock in a portion of your loan with a fixed rate to get repayment certainty over a fixed period. That way you'll have some protection if rates rise during that period, but maintain some flexibility with the variable portion of your loan to make extra repayments or access funds through redraw if things change.

    Read more about our Fixed Rate Home Loan

    Make every dollar count with mortgage offset

    Our Reward Me Home Loan comes with a Home Loan Companion Account that we'll open for you. Every dollar that you keep in this account offsets the interest costs on your variable rate loan, so it reduces the amount of interest you'll have to pay on your home loan and will help you pay it off sooner. Now, that makes perfect sense!

    As long as you have a positive balance in this account, you won't be charged any ongoing fees for maintaining it. We'll use this account to debit ongoing fees and charges across your loans and you can use it to make the repayments on your loan.

    Read more about our Home Loan Companion Account

    Who we lend to

    Our Reward Me Home Loan is available for:

    • Individual and joint personal applicants, no companies or trusts
    • Multiple applicants and guarantors
    • Applicants with PAYG income
    • Purchase or refinance of residential property
    • Construction of residential property
    • Purchase of vacant land and construction (home & land package)
    • Property improvements (including renovations)
    Pro tips for getting started

    Pro tip #1: Download our features and benefits guide and review it for  when you meet with a broker to discuss your home loan needs.

    Pro tip #2: Download our checklist to make sure you have everything you need to apply.

    Let’s talk numbers

    When it comes to choosing home loans, interest rates are one of the most important factors, but sometimes it’s tricky to know what rate you can get. Some lenders take a one-size-fits-all approach. Others advertise one rate and have a few more hidden in their back pocket… if you know how to ask.

    We keep it simple and tell it like it is. We also keep rates low with discounts depending on the size of your loan and your loan-to-value ratio.  See what rate you can get here.

    Here’s some of the fees you’ll pay on our Reward Me Home Loan.

    Key Upfront fees
    Application Fee $300
    Payable for processing application of your loans. Charged at settlement
    Settlement Fee $150
    Payable for completing settlement of your loans
    Valuation Fee First Valuation – Free
    Any further valuation will be charged for. The amount of the fee, will be the fee charged by the appointed Valuer and will vary depending on the location and value of the property.
    Ongoing fees after settlement of your loan
    Home Loan Fee $10
    Charged to each loan account on every repayment date (monthly)

    For a full list of all fees and charges that could apply refer to our Lending and Deposits Guide to Fees and Charges.

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