You know you’ve turned into your parents when

If your natural reaction when someone says they 'feel like a hamburger' is to instantly quip 'well, you don't look like one', it's probably already too late.

You have definitely turned into your father.

A recent survey from, a popular parenting website, has revealed a few insights into the world of parenthood that will probably hit a little close to home for new mums and dads. The site questioned readers about those moments when they first knew they had turned into their parents.

Some mums said it was when they realised 6am had become a time for getting up and starting the day rather than crawling into bed.

Others said they couldn't remember the last time they had eaten a meal while it was still hot, as feeding the little ones takes priority.

Most worryingly of all perhaps was the transition from lusting after film stars to rather fancying children's television presenters.

Fathers were a touch concerned that their children could use modern technology seemingly without thinking about it while rolling their eyes at their prehistoric parents who couldn't even get the thing to turn on.

One of the scariest points of adulthood surely has to be the slow realisation that you're now responsible for both your children, and yourself.

Yes, that means you'll find yourself talking about grown up, sensible stuff like insurance and superannuation, as well as the latest must-have baby accessories.

You'll be expected to understand things like variable rates, compound interest and fund comparison, all while bankrolling your little angels.

But why do we need to sit down and look at our super plan and compare its performance to others? Why do we force our kids to eat their broccoli? Perhaps for much the same reason – that it will pay off in the long run.

You'll understand when you're older.